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media pack 2023 THE door industry journal Also online at: www.dijonline.co.uk 10 Editorial and News Articles We will publish interesting industry news items for non-advertisers free of charge. However, anything of a commercial nature will be considered for publication either on its benefit to our readers or by us offering one of the many publication options in this section. Advertisers who purchase our VIP advertising packages will receive editorial coverage free of charge. Articles in our Standard page style A low-cost method of promoting new products and literature without gambling on getting free coverage - comes with a money back publication guarantee! Articles comprising of text and images and presented in our standard page style (without being featured/highlighted) will be included at the following rates: 150 words plus one image £135 (Add £75 for inclusion on our blog and in our weekly newsletter) 200 words plus one image £165 (Add £75 for inclusion on our blog and in our weekly newsletter) 300 words plus two images £265 (Add £85 for inclusion on our blog and in our weekly newsletter) 400 words plus three images £395 (Add £85 for inclusion on our blog and in our weekly newsletter) Company logos may be included in place of an image for a surcharge of £50. from £135 Also online at: www.dijonline.co.uk Domestic Garage Doors 66 THE door industry journal summer 2022 AlluGuard Helps You Turn Enquiries Into Cash in Weeks Not Months… As a manufacturer that exclusively supplies the garage door trade, AlluGuard understands the needs of its customers. Several reasons combine to help close a sale; product performance, aesthetics, security and so on. Right now, lead time is also having a significant impact. I want it now The home improvement boom, sparked by the pandemic, has passed, but other consequences that arose, affecting supply chains, linger on and have been compounded by the conflict in Ukraine. The consumer is facing some stark choices. Lead times have extended for many manufacturers and the consumer, newly conditioned to expect Amazon Prime-style quick delivery, is being offered a product that has a several months wait for delivery. “I want it and I want it now” is the mindset that sees consumers shopping around not only on price but also on delivery time. Cost of living crisis Factor in the cost-of-living crisis, eroding consumer confidence and the need to close a sale, deliver, install and get paid in the shortest time cycle becomes imperative for the garage door installer. AlluGuard’s lead time promise 1-2 weeks: roller doors made from stock colours 3-4 weeks: Sectional doors from confirmed order AlluGuard’s reputation has been built on aligning its business to the needs of its customers. Short lead times have always been core to its service ethos. AlluGuard has further transformed its production and stock holding capacity to allow it to meet its lead-time promise of 1-2 weeks for all roller doors made from stock colours and 3-4 weeks for sectional doors from confirmed orders. Matthew Berry, AlluGuard’s National Sales Manager, had this to say “The Pandemic created huge challenges for all manufacturers and AlluGuard was no different, however, we emerged a stronger business, more capable than ever to support our customers. When control units were like unicorn eggs, we made sure customers received their orders and now we’re totally focussed on ensuring continuity of supply and maintaining our fast lead times. Our supply chains for key components are based in France, Germany and Poland. These suppliers have committed to a continuous supply of products throughout the forthcoming months and have materials and stock to meet our forward orders. As part of the Stella Group, AlluGuard is strong. We have the financial strength and buying power to ensure we have access to the materials to keep manufacturing on track and meet our lead time commitment to customers. AlluGuard can provide the stability of supply the trade requires in today’s market. We’re, of course, known for our roller doors, but we also have a cracking sectional door in our portfolio – side extension springs on all sizes and a brilliant standard colour range, all in just 3-4 weeks.” Talk to AlluGuard about your next roller or sectional garage door order if you want to convert enquires into cash in weeks not months! Call Matthew Berry on 07740 176 104. single page standard article THE door industry journal summer 2022 2 Also online at: www.dijonline.co.uk SIMONSWERK Launches ANSELMI Range of Concealed Hinges SIMONSWERK UK is pleased to announce the ANSELMI range of concealed hinge systems for residential doors. The ANSELMI range offers high-quality products for lightweight interior residential doors up to 60 kg. The hinge systems are three-dimensionally adjustable and guarantee a long-lasting, maintenance-free operation of the door and are available in 6 aesthetically pleasing finishes. The ANSELMI AN 150 3D and AN 170 3D offer specifiers the opportunity to use narrow frames of just 25 mm depth due to the reduced frame part of the hinge, this offers the potential of concealed hinges in the most delicate of joinery details. For those manufacturers searching for production economies of scale and easy installation of their products on-site, the ANSELMI hinges with a reduced hinge frame fixing are a perfect choice. AN 107 3D C60 - Self-closing hinge The ANSELMI range also includes the AN 107 3C C60 self-closing hinge which allows the closing of a door independently up to 60 kg. The hinge with the integrated closing function is installed in the centre between the upper and lower hinge and has a special rotation system that makes it usable in combination with AN 160 3D. More information about SIMONSWERK and its product range is available at www.simonswerk.co.uk . Also online at: www.dijonline.co.uk Industry News Briton Promises to Deliver Trusted Performance with Renewed Brand Identity BRITON, a leading manufacturer of door controls and exit hardware in the UK, reveals its renewed brand identity, accentuating its proven principles of trust, performance and convenience. Building on a rich history, the brand refresh elevates Briton’s renowned heritage and reaffirms its promise to deliver quality and reliable solutions to customers under cohesive visuals. Briton’s brand evolution marks over a century of providing safe and functional building environments with high-quality, highly engineered products, designed to endure constant use in demanding settings. Equipped with a fresh logo, modernised visuals and an updated website and support documentation, the new brand elements build upon Briton’s focused traditions of being a trusted adviser and unify the brand’s product portfolio, while also adapting to better represent the needs of modern consumers. Pete Hancox, country manager at Allegion UK, commented: “Briton is one of the widely recognised door controls and exit hardware brands. For over a century, we’ve developed a well-earned reputation with our customers, and we’re proud to offer true peace of mind with dependable hardware solutions. “The customer is central to our brand focus, so we’re placing a greater emphasis on making product selection and installation easier and clearer than it’s ever been before. Our new packaging, fitting instructions, data sheets and easy fit templates, deliver on our core values of trust, performance and convenience - helping ensure our customers remain with Briton for the next 100 years.” Briton’s new identity will be phased in over the coming weeks, with all Briton products - including several exciting new launches - shortly adopting new look packaging designed to reduce waste. For more information about Briton, visit: www.briton.co.uk To find out more about Allegion UK, visit: www.allegion.co.uk smaller standard articles

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