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door industry journal

spring 2015

building hardware feature

New infinite

adjustment bracket

for all face applied

magnetic locks

If you speak to any installer of maglocks and ask him how easy it is to fit

a maglock you will be treated to a good old moan as to why it is far from

simple and how he has to pack off the L bracket or armature with bits of

wood or cut up some aluminium just to get everything to meet correctly!

Gingers Spark have invented a bracket (the SDGi), to suit all maglocks designed for use on open-out doors, which

overcomes all the issues traditionally associated with installing maglocks using an L bracket. The product provides truly

infinite adjustment allowing the installer to align the lock and armature with great ease because the maglock is secured to

a plate that slides, allowing free movement backwards, forwards and even angled.

Some installers prefix the magnet to the SDGi before they go to site, so all they

have to do when they return to site and are ready to commission, is slide the

lock into to the SDGi bracket, power up, tighten up and walk away.

Not only is the product a huge installation timesaver, but because the SDGi can

be very easily repositioned after the lock has been fitted and you have left site,

it is something the buildings maintenance team can attend to. This is especially

important as the security of the building can be quickly maintained if the door

has dropped and does not locate with the maglock.

The cables are concealed in a special chamber which has obvious security

benefits and Architects will be pleased to know that it doesn’t just come in a

silver finish but is available in any RAL PPC colour. In an age when grey and

black curtain walling is popular this helps the installation blend better

with its surroundings.

Mike Gillespie, the inventor commented:

“We have designed and

created a product we believe is revolutionary because it breaks the

mould by simplifying

an unnecessarily

difficult task and

offering a long

overdue solution to a

long standing problem

and changes the way

we fit maglocks for

the better”.

It is available from a number of distributors and we are happy to address

any bespoke requirements as each bracket is machined to fit each kind

of maglock so it is simple enough to make specific changes.

To request a free sample call 0161 483 4747.

For further details, to download a datasheet or find a distributor

please visit