Door Industry Journal - Spring 2019

Also online at: 76 THE door industry journal spring 2019 Industrial Doors & Shutters BMP Doors: A rapid rise to the top Founded in 1997, BMP Doors is one of the world’s fastest growing industrial door manufacturers, now producing over 15,000 high-speed doors every year. With their rapidly expanding range of high-speed doors, roll-up doors, commercial doors, insulated doors, roller shutters, spiral doors, self- repairing Dynamicroll ® doors, electroactive retractable tunnels and hangar doors, BMP has garnered 9% of the industrial door market. They design, develop and manufacture industrial doors for a host of highly specialist sectors, including aviation, logistics, retail, composting, food, agriculture and automotive, construction and industrial refrigeration. Currently managed by CEO Danilo Benotto, BMP is a leading name in the industrial door sector, with a head office located in the mountainous region of Piedmont in the northwest corner of Italy, with 12 further offices situated across the globe. With over two decades of experience, their highly skilled engineers hold a deep-rooted passion for solving complex problems, not just in terms of designing doors for optimum performance, speed and efficiency, but also in relation to after-sales support. “Our customers are important, that is why, through our network of technicians available throughout the country, we provide technical support for all of our products. Our goal is to help any company solve the most diverse and complex issues, offering logistical solutions, both for loading and unloading areas, and for warehouses in general.” As an important part of the BMP Group, their doors have been awarded CSI certificates, remaining up to speed with new regulations in the industrial door industry. BMP Doors has developed strong working relationships with prestigious brands such as Barilla, Decathlon, Conad, Pirelli and Noberasco, whilst some of their popular products are manufactured in the UK. Their DynamicRoll self-repairing roll-up doors have been designed and manufactured with durability, security, flexibility and safety in mind. This range is suited to various working environments, such as Industrial, Automotive, retail, warehouses, clean rooms, food processing etc. Whilst BMP’s many self- repairing PVC doors include DynamicRoll, Clean 230 & 125, One, Food Inox, Food PE, Frigo1 and Frigo 2, MS 150, Push & Pull. Some of these models can be equipped with a counterweight or all accept UPS battery backup, to fully open the door in case of power failure and can also be supplied with large transparent sections to create brighter, safer and more productive working environments. As a leading manufacturer of high speed roll up doors, BMP provide the ideal solution for fast passages, and their range is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Their designs enable fast handling operations between different areas that need to remain separated, whilst every product is manufactured with durability in mind, with galvanized self-supporting steel frames, with Polyester 1300g/m 2 curtains as standard. BMP’s many high-speed doors are controlled by a three-phase 380v control panel, allowing for intensive and continuous use in many industrial environments, whilst safety is ensured by their photocells and light grids. With energy prices on the rise, BMP has recently added to their range, delivering an innovative, cost effective and efficient solution for separating different working areas. Their Spiral high-speed industrial doors are characterised by high levels of Spiral 50: Solving different industrial logistical problems Dynamicroll: Durable, secure and flexible self-repairing roll up doors

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