Door Industry Journal - Spring 2020

THE door industry journal spring 2020 Locks & Building Hardware Also online at: UNION’s CodeGUARD 5 Push Button Lock Accredited by Secured By Design CodeGUARD 5, the latest mechanically- operated push button lock from UNION that meets BS 8607 grade 5 standards, is now accredited by Secured By Design (SBD). Part of the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, SBD plays an important role in the planning process for a wide range of building sectors to help stop crime. Security products that meet the high standards set by SBD can use its logo and are awarded the title ‘Police Preferred Specification’. However, a product must be subjected to rigorous testing and be fully endorsed by an independent, third-party certification body accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, before it is allowed to carry the SBD logo and the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ title. UNION’s CodeGUARD 5 push button lock is the latest solution to be awarded SBD status, and with good reason. Featuring BSI Kitemark certification, CodeGUARD 5 provides access control and security in a single package, meeting grade 5 of BS 8607. BS 8607 grade 4 products can only meet the required standard with the help of an additional integral locking unit. In a grade 5 solution, the latch and lock are integrated and tested together. As a result, CodeGUARD 5 offers users an automatic deadlocking system, where a grade 4 unit is reliant on the user to lock the door. Suitable for 30 and 60 minute timber fire doors, as well as 240 minute metal fire doors, CodeGUARD 5 is offered with universal handing and fixings, so the system is easy to order and specify. Other features include a 20mm deadlocking latch, ensuring CodeGUARD 5 will not succumb to the kind of physical attacks that other push button locks generally fail to withstand, and more than 2,000 passcode combinations for added peace of mind. Unlike competitor products, CodeGUARD 5 is always supplied with a passcode different to the standard factory settings, for added security. This is all backed by a three-year guarantee. For more information, please visit . New Fire-Resistant Door Hardware Protection brochure from Lorient Lorient, a respected designer and manufacturer of sealing systems for door assemblies has launched a comprehensively revised brochure featuring its Fire- Resistant Door Hardware Protection products. Ironmongery is a vital part of a fire door. However, every time a fire door is cut to fit ironmongery, a weakness is created. This could mean three or four weak points in a door, where fire can take hold. Adding intumescent door hardware kits protects those weak points. Lorient kits are made from intumescent sheet, which is wrapped around each piece of ironmongery such as hinges, locks and latches, door viewers and concealed closers, acting as an insulator. Tested with a range of ironmongery, Lorient kits are supplied pre-cut to the exact dimensions, for quick and easy installation. With a fresh contemporary look, the brochure comprises Lorient’s largest selection of door hardware and hardware protection to date; which includes fire, smoke & security letterplates, door edge protectors, door viewers and intumescent protection kits. New additions include flush bolt, drop seal and bespoke protection kits; plus enhanced test evidence for a number of products. To download your copy of the Fire-Resistant Door Hardware Protection brochure – please visit . 126

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