Door Industry Journal - Spring 2021

For wireless control options, the traffic light is connected to a wireless receiver which in turn is connected to a 24v AC adaptor. The manual controller is the transmitter which can take the form of a physical switch box, simple push button, or remote control. Wired options can be physical switches or button panels. Semi-wireless options include non-contact switches that operate the light wirelessly, but need to be plugged into a power source. Case Study: No. 1 Wendover, Buckinghamshire “We’ve provided many of these manually controlled traffic systems and each one is slightly tailored to the specific business,” Derek said. A recent example is a gift shop in Buckinghamshire called No. 1 Wendover. Owner Claire Randall wanted a cost-effective solution to allow only a certain number of customers into the shop at any given time. As the shop was in a grade listed building, they couldn’t mount the light externally. There are windows on either side of the entrance, but as customers come from both directions, a single light wouldn’t do the trick. “Since mounting the traffic light in a window or outside on the building was not an option, a bespoke portable stand was the way to go,” Derek said. “We do UV printing as well, so we thought a customised sign around the traffic light with the No. 1 logo and message for customers to wait for green added a nice touch.” The traffic light was controlled via wireless switch from inside with the stand placed just outside the door. The system proved successful over the holiday period when the second lockdown ended. Claire was pleased with the final product. “It is brilliant!” she says. “The traffic light system was an excellent way of making it really clear for our customers as to whether or not it is safe to enter the shop; everyone commented on what a good idea it is! Thank you very much… I’m one happy customer.” The shop is currently closed due to the third national lockdown, but are in a great position when restrictions are eased, but most likely with social distancing rules still in place for the foreseeable future. “I’m glad we were able to find a solution that suited Claire’s specific layout and budget,” Derek concludes. “We all hope for a return to normality but it seems as though restrictions will be eased gradually, so these types of solutions will continue to be popular.” No 1 Wendover is located at 1 High Street, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, HP22 6DU. Tel: 01296 623150 or visit For additional information on traffic light solutions, contact IN2 Access & Control Ltd. via email , telephone 01691 655150, or live chat at . Pre-configured plug-n-play systems are available online. Also online at: 23 Industry News THE door industry journal spring 2021

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