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summer 2016

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Microtronics Srl was established in 2002 by like-minded

electronic engineers with a vast understanding in the

field of portable instruments. The company headquarters

and manufacturing plant are located in Treviso, in

north-east Italy.

Microtronics manufacture many different kinds of electronic

instruments for special applications in various fields:

Measuring devices for automatic gates and doors, Electronic

testers for automotive diagnosis, and fiscal meters for the

fuel consumption on industrial machinery.

Every single Microtronics product undergoes rigorous testing of all its functions before leaving the factory, and is covered

by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Diego Biason, a founder of Microtronic Srl

explains more:

“We got into force testing market within the

first year of establishment, when we started

a collaboration with major manufacturers of

automation for gates and doors.

“Our force measurers comply with EU standards,

this is the reason why we export mainly to EU

countries, but also to other parts of world, in fact

anywhere there is a manufacturer of gates and

doors: China, USA, South Africa, and others.

“In the UK we are presently selling our brand

directly through some local distributors and

through a network of the biggest manufacturers

of automation for gates, that resell our products

to installers via their own distribution chain.

Customers who want technical or commercial

info, can contact us first to be referred to the

closest reseller.

“To comply with regulations, all measuring devices and force testers have to be calibrated at least once a year, for this we

collaborate with a UK based force gauge specialist, that can carry out a fast calibration service for all our UK customers”.

The BlueForce Smart: Force Measurer and Tester

The product that represents Microtronics’ core business is the force measurer and tester for automatic gates; the

BlueForce Smart.

The BlueForce Smart is the most technological evolution in the field of force

gauges for automatic gates. It is one of the few instruments in the market to be

fully compliant with EU standard EN12445 because the measuring range is 0-

2000N and the embedded display can show all the four parameters required by

Annex “A” of EN12453: Fd (peak of dynamic force), Td (duration of main force

peak), Fe (final force after 5 secs) and also Fs (average of the static force after the

dynamic period).

But the unique feature of BlueForce Smart is represented by the possibility to

interface with a smartphone or a tablet, via Bluetooth (for iPhone and iPad) or

via NFC (for android or windows devices). In that way, user can see a picture of

the selected kind of gate (sliding, hinged, and so on) with all points of

measurements required by the EU standard, and also view a diagram illustrating

force vs time of saved tests and the final result (passed or not) of the test!

Moreover, following the introduction of a new Fast Thermal Printer which is both

wireless and rechargeable, it is now possible to print test reports directly at the

test site, without the need for a laptop and a traditional printer.

These technical characteristics make BlueForce Smart the most advanced force

measurer today in the market.

For more information, please visit

or send your questions to: