Door Industry Journal - Summer 2018

7 THE door industry journal summer 2018 Also online at: Industry News STS 202 Security Technical Schedule (STS) 202 is a more searching, security-specific test. It is suitable for all kinds of doors and windows, and is an alternative route to compliance with AD Q. Unlike PAS 24, it includes garage doors, roller shutters and security grilles intended for installation in many more kinds of building, from private homes to high-risk industrial and commercial buildings where the potential rewards for burglars are high. Since the intruder is not constrained by having to keep quiet and likely to be more organised and committed than the average opportunistic domestic burglar, this test includes attack with power tools. Letterplates - TS 008 A commonly overlooked security vulnerability in doors is the letterplate. Contemporary burglars are creative and will exploit letterplates’ vulnerability by reaching in with their hand to twist thumb-turn locks or with a device to fish for house keys. If manufacturers supply doors with a letterplate pre- installed, they need a system proven to mitigate this risk. The industry test standard is the Door & Hardware Federation’s TS (Technical Specification) 008. More than just a test for security, it also covers anti-corrosion and fire resistance. Letterplate manufacturers must be aware that without an adequate TS 008 test pass, doors fitted with their product will fall foul of AD Q, as well as third-party certifications. Testing is not always enough – third- party certification In recent times, specifiers increasingly look for higher levels of quality assurance than that afforded by test evidence alone. While testing to recognised standards is the necessary minimum step, specifiers will often want manufacturers to go further. A test result applies to the individual sample tested but is no guarantee that other doors or windows of the same model on the same production line will perform in the same way. Manufacturers can overcome this by getting their product third-party certified as well as tested. This is the belt-and-braces assurance that all examples of the product have been produced to the same exacting standard. At Exova, we will also audit the factory production process and retest samples annually. This ensures that standards of workmanship have not slipped and the door or window’s security performance has not been reduced. AD Q is not always enough – Secured by Design In practice, many construction projects will specify a standard for security that is significantly higher than that mandated in the Building Regulations. In those cases, the recognised gold standard is Secured by Design (SBD), published by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited. The group name for a range of schemes for the design of new and refurbished homes, schools, hospitals, commercial premises and car parks, SBD awards memberships to companies producing security products that pass standards nominated by the police service. The standards and related tests, which include PAS 24, STS 202 and TS 008, must demonstrate the product’s effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime. Reputation Opting for third-party certification isn’t just about satisfying demand and differentiating yourself in the market; it is also a matter of reputation. Manufacturers whose products are third-party certified signal their commitment to quality and to improving the construction industry for the benefit of owners and users. Beyond that, they also align themselves with other public goods, including significantly reduced crime rates. With digital technology making it easy for anyone to find out about a company’s ethos, manufacturers have a growing self-interest in contributing to these to build their brand identity and their role in adding social value. At our Wednesbury facilities, we have the capacity, competence and reputation to guide manufacturers quickly through the testing process. To find out more about testing and third-party certification with Exova, please get in touch with Mark West, Door & Window Laboratory Manager at Exova Wednesbury on 0121 506 7520.

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