Door Industry Journal - Summer 2019

Also online at: 102 THE door industry journal summer 2019 Automated Gates & Barriers Hands on with BBC Bircher’s New Self-Assembly Safety Edge: ExpertLine IN2 Access, exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of BBC Bircher Smart Access products, tries out the new safety edge from the Swiss makers. In the last edition of Door Industry Journal, IN2 Access previewed upcoming products in the 2019 pipeline – one of which was BBC Bircher’s first ever self-assembly safety edge called ExpertLine. As a new entrant in the popular self-assembly category, enquiries centred around the differences between ExpertLine and similar products currently on the market. Since the last edition, IN2 Access received stock and now carries two of the initial three profile sizes on their website, along with all the component parts. 99 and 74 mm are available at launch, with the 49 mm profile size becoming available later in the summer. It’s important to note that due to ExpertLine’s longer overtravel and faster switching, a smaller profile could replace a larger one: in the majority of applications an ExpertLine profile can outperform larger profiles currently available on the market, which is a key advantage. With stock in hand, it was time to answer some of the initial questions about ExpertLine. The most straightforward way was having a member of the production team, Jack Owen, put one together and provide feedback. First step was cutting the rubber profile to length. “Pretty straight forward,” Jack said. “The main thing instructions say is to take the total length and subtract 24 mm to accommodate the end caps.” The same holds true for measuring out the AP-G1 aluminium, whether standard silver or black angled, use 24 mm less than the overall length. Second step is mounting the contact end pieces. With built-in sealant and a unique saw-tooth pattern on the contact end piece, this is where ExpertLine distances itself from the competition. The reverse saw-tooth pattern ensures a multi-point connection with the integrated contact strip, while the pre-applied sealant means a secure IP67-rated weatherproof edge. “The fit felt very secure and easy to slide in,” commented Jack, “and I liked having the security of sealant, but not having to faff about with applying it separately.” Once the contact end pieces are in place, the contact cables can be easily connected to the switching device. Innovative intermediate plug in connection cables also means putting two or three in a series is easy – significantly reducing installation time, another ExpertLine benefit. Step three is mounting the profile onto the aluminium rail. The chamfered edges on the aluminium and new coating on the rubber mounting foot aids in easier fitting of the profile. “The trick is to fix both ends of one side of the rubber profile onto the mounting rail first and work towards the centre,” Jack explained. “Then attach the aluminium strip with the partially mounted edge to the gate or door. That way, folding the profile with Step 1: cutting the profile Step 3: mounting profile before affixing to gate or door Step 2: contact end piece with built-in sealant

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