Door Industry Journal - Summer 2019

Also online at: Industrial Doors & Shutters 88 THE door industry journal summer 2019 BBC Bircher’s “Helios 2T” Comes to Market IN2 Access, exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of BBC Bircher Smart Access products, provides details on the latest industrial combination sensor. The long-awaited arrival of an industrial door combination sensor is finally over with the arrival of the new Helios 2T – combining microwave motion and AIR presence sensing. With a mounting height between two to six metres, it is the ideal solution for industrial door applications. As previewed in the last edition, the Helios 2T features a large adjustable microwave field for quick activation. It also uses a double-row of adjustable active infrared curtains to detect people and vehicles within closing area of the industrial door. It has been designed to meet any of the challenges that the future might bring. Smartphone integration More and more products are becoming “smart” - the Helios 2T is no exception. The free iOS and Android mobile application can be downloaded for adjusting the Helios 2T settings with ease. The intuitive user interface can be operated in seven different languages and allows full adjustment of the sensor’s field sizes and sensitivity, as well as giving audio and visual feedback on its operational status. The app allows you to see operational hours, sensor activity as well as errors, and can be password protected for increased security. Environmentally-minded Lengthy door opening times can consume large quantities of energy in industrial buildings. Helios 2T features three functions that are designed to cut down on this significantly: cross traffic masking, direction recognition, and object recognition. Cross traffic masking prevents mis-tripping caused by factors such as vehicles passing across the detection field. Direction recognition keeps the industrial door open only for as long as is necessary, allowing the vehicle to pass through and then automatically closing the door. Object recognition differentiates between people and vehicles. When people are detected, the main door will not open, guiding them to use the side doors or wicket doors instead. Combined, these three features minimise door opening times, saving energy in the process. The Helios 2T has three separate outputs: 1) “Activation” (radar sensor, LED indicator is solid orange) used to initiate the opening/closing of the industrial door, 2) “Secondary safety” (active infrared sensor, LED is solid/flashing red) used to prevent the door from closing should the area be obstructed by pedestrians, vehicles or foreign objects and 3) “Auxiliary output” (radar sensing Early Detection Zone, LED flashing orange) which can be connected to a visual or audio device to act as an early warning system indicating to traffic on the other side of the industrial door of oncoming traffic in order to avoid collisions. Helios 2T is available exclusively from IN2 Access, the UK and Ireland distributor of BBC Bircher products. For enquiries regarding Helios 2T, visit or contact the sales team at / Tel: 01691 655150. Helios 2T smartphone app available on iOS and Android Have you liked our facebook page yet? We post news everyday! BBC Bircher’s new Helios 2T industrial door combination sensor

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