Door Industry Journal - Summer 2021

Also online at: 115 THE door industry journal summer 2021 Timber, Metal & Composite Doorsets Other benefits of doorsets include: • Single source - with doorsets, every part of the door comes from a single supplier, helping to ensure compatibility and performance. • Easy installation - doorsets are faster and easier to install than traditional doors and require fewer specialist skills. This can help to reduce onsite costs and the chances of error. • Reliable - doorsets are manufactured, tested and installed as complete units. This helps to ensure fire and security performance, as well as dependability for users. • Less waste - factory production ensures more efficient use of materials and reduces on-site waste. • Quality Control - doorsets can be machined to exacting requirements. Suppliers like Stairways Midlands will ensure the doorset complies with regulations and the criteria of ISO 9001. What to look for in a doorset? It is important to work with a supplier who is familiar with your needs and who has experience in, and knowledge of, the changing demands of the construction sector, whether that is large scale developments or bespoke projects Martin’s relationship with Stairways has evolved over 15 years. He feels the products offered are manufactured in a similar way to traditional doors, but with a modern system of installation, enabling him to get the best of both worlds. Martin said: “Issues arrive when products are made more cheaply or the hinges are different, for instance – you hang the door, and it is clipped on at the end. “Finding a supplier who can give you a ‘proper doorset’ is essential, as it is very accurate to what a normal door would be like. The result is a more durable door, with a superior finish, but easier to install than traditional methods. Quality and attention to detail are also paramount. This can cost more but has clear benefits. “In this industry, you get what you pay for,” Martin said. “Builders don’t always want to pay the extra if they can get something cheaper – they don’t always see it as their problem. However, you need to look at it from the position of: ‘What if the door was in my house? What would I want?’ That makes the decision easy.” Find out more at and

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