Door Industry Journal - Summer 2021

Also online at: 98 THE door industry journal summer 2021 Automated Gates & Barriers Matthew Batson, a Director at entrance automation technology specialist Bft Automation, explores the latest developments in the automated gates market … Whether it’s family homes, business premises or public buildings, automatic gates remain an increasingly popular security choice where full control over access is needed. While there is much to consider for installers when advising clients on the right solution for their property – from the size, weight and cost of a gate system – it’s useful to be aware of the latest developments in the market, as this can help to find the right option to fit their needs. A faster choice There are many factors to take into consideration when advising on whether to use sliding or swing gates. However, as swing gate motors tend to be slower than the speeds achievable for sliding gates, the latter are usually more popular, especially for commercial sites where timing can be among one of the more important factors. One of the most recent developments in the sliding gates market is the introduction of faster motors, such as those from Bft Automation, which allow for opening and closing at a quicker speed than has previously been achievable. For example, the ARES VELOCE BT A1000 motor is a 24-volt fast sliding gate operator designed for intensive use and suitable for gates weighing up to 1,000 kg with a maximum speed of 18 m/min. This is just one example of the newest motors on the market that are ideal for situations that require fast operating speeds. From a security point of view, the ability to allow people and goods in and out of a property at a quicker pace reduces the risk of unauthorised entry while waiting for a gate to close – an important consideration in both commercial and residential contexts. Other benefits of a faster motor include reduced waiting times. This can be particularly useful for properties in busy areas, where a vehicle could risk blocking traffic while waiting to turn into a site controlled by a slower gate. Also, a faster motor could potentially reduce the risk of an accident from vehicles entering a property at speed. For example, this might happen if someone was making their first visit to a property situated off a fast road in an unfamiliar area. Automatic Gates: Are you up to Speed?

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