Door Industry Journal - Summer 2022

Also online at: 28 THE door industry journal summer 2022 Hörmann UK – ‘We Think Green’ As a fourth-generation family-owned and run business, the Hörmann Group have always taken their social and environmental responsibility seriously. The objective of successive generations of the family has been to hand over a financially, ethically sound business that provides a green platform in sustainable manufacturing for the future of generations to come. Being at the forefront of climate protection for many years, Hörmann has introduced sustainable strategies and manufacturing processes throughout its global operation. Working to meet a three-step climate protection strategy – CO2 calculation, reduction and offset, tangible results are now being achieved. To ensure that the focus on reducing emissions is reflected in all its’ subsidiaries throughout the world and that each location is playing its part, an annual Green Audit is completed where energy usage and recycling rates are recorded and monitored, with specific goals being set out for the next 12 months. In the UK Hörmann has been working on an environmental strategy to make a real difference since 2016 when 847 solar panels were installed on the roof of the warehouse at their Coalville headquarters. Generating up to 180,000 kWh of electricity per year (enough energy to power the average family home for 38 years) the panels supply 100% of the power needed to operate the site during the summer daytimes. With the introduction of an Eticom smart building and energy management system, alongside simple things like using surplus generated power to recharge the forklifts during the weekend and setting smart schedules for machinery when not needed, a 5% reduction in the amount of electricity used over the past 12 months has been achieved. The gas heating system at the Coalville facility is also monitored via the Eticom management system, allowing for quick and easy changes to heating temperatures and usage at a click of a button. This together with the installation of highspeed, insulated doors in the warehouse has led to a year-on-year reduction in gas consumption of 20%. Water consumption is also monitored closely and supported by a rigorous maintenance schedule with the aim to cut personal usage over the next 12 months. In 2018 the UK operation set a recycling target of 97%, which has been met and exceeded, with recycling rates currently running at 99%. Throughout the warehouse, 100% of all wood and metal is collected to be recycled, and cardboard packing received on goods from Germany is now re-purposed to be used as protective packaging for the despatch of products into the UK market. Simple things like the removal of waste-paper bins and the provision of recycling bins throughout the whole facility have raised awareness amongst employees and have made achieving and exceeding the target a real team effort. A fleet of hybrid company vehicles is being rolled out and the installation of 8 fast recharging stations in the car park at Coalville adds to the company’s green commitment. A work-based charging scheme has recently been introduced to encourage visitors and employees to recharge electric and hybrid vehicles on site. Eliot Buckby, Facilities Manager at Hörmann UK comments: “The Hörmann Group are, rightly so, concerned about the environmental impact of their operations throughout the world and the annual audit creates a real focal point for our energy saving, green initiatives. Over the years, the UK management team have illustrated a clear willingness to take the issue seriously and continue to invest for long-term gains. From the very large commitment to solar-generated electricity right through to simple things like recycling bins in the offices, everyone plays their part and the whole team is encouraged to be innovative in the way we operate and keep improving. As a company, we aim to make a real difference – supplying great products, whilst ensuring that our environmental footprint is light.” To find out how Hörmann visit or call 01530 516868. Industry News Eliot Buckby, Facilities Manager at Hörmann UK

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