Door Industry Journal - Summer 2022

7 THE door industry journal summer 2022 Also online at: Industry News lead times. After working closely together and absorbing our experience with the UK market, we are confident that our existing client base will see that the WI´ SNIOWSKI range is as good, if not better, than anything currently on offer in the UK market”. “Building on a wealth of knowledge between both companies, Giménez Ganga has agreed to mirror the current available colour range for both 77mm and 55mm lath and supply the same level of stock to maintain the warehouse levels at JDUK. This, along with weekly deliveries from Spain, will ensure we can surpass the level of service we are renowned for”. JDUK – A new Era “To reflect these changes, JDUK has undergone a full rebrand, which we recently unveiled at our showroom in West Yorkshire. We have introduced some of our new products already and compiled a range of materials to support our customers in the sale and installation of our new product range. We would like to thank all involved for their support in this transition and assure all customers, new and existing, that we are committed to excellence. We are confident that we have the tools in place to take our collective businesses forward into this new, significant era for JDUK”. Please see pages 41, 60, 62, 71 and 110 or our new website for further details. “Should you have any queries or would like to see the new products, please contact your sales representative, call 01924 472924 or email .” More about WI´ SNIOWSKI WI´ SNIOWSKI has been setting trends in design for more than 30 years. Their products are characterised by their global quality and supported by the application of the most advanced technologies. They have three production plants spanning 400,000 sq. metre of floor space, which utilise innovative automation and robotic solutions. Top training facilities, logistic centres and showrooms galore, they employ more than 2000 people. With the addition of 150 company-owned delivery vehicles, they are an impressive outfit. WI´ SNIOWSKI products offer the highest functionality and design standards. Their modern form and style are an inspiration to those who value both durability and elegance. Designed and manufactured with the utmost care, they are perfect for any condition, ensuring warmth, comfort and safety. The WI´ SNIOWSKI range on offer through JDUK includes sectional doors with automation and smart technology, side-hinged doors and aluminium entrance doors. More about Giménez Ganga It all began as a local company started by two brothers back in 1959, primarily making sun protection systems. Throughout the 1980’s aluminium products were added to the range, transitioning them into the experts they are today. Their facility boasts 9000 sq. metres of storage space and employs more than 600 people. They have eight machines constantly rolling insulated garage door lath and six aluminium extrusion lines, totalling over 70,000 tonnes of aluminium used in production in a year. Along with both vertical and horizontal powder coating plants, they have an optimised production capacity to ensure orders always arrive on time. Giménez Ganga are committed to their trade and their customer’s needs, ensuring their products meet the highest standard of certification and quality. All processes are in strict accordance with all applicable ISO 9001 regulations.

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