Door Industry Journal - Winter 2018

Also online at: 30 THE door industry journal winter 2018 Industry News There’s a real ‘buzz’ at SOMMER this year! SOMMER are actively repositioning themselves as the foremost developer and manufacturer of automation technology. Leading the way in research, development and testing capabilities the SOMMER Group is at the forefront of technology and boasts a range of features and accessories that are unique to them. The SOMMER group comprising of SOMMER, alongside DOCO, Aperto and Groke, are experiencing a UK resurgence! Leading the ‘buzz’ is Managing Director, David Newcombe, who has been working closely with the SOMMER group since July of this year. He has the task of re-launching SOMMER group products and services to the UK market, with the assistance of the highly experienced team, already in place. Just a month later Amy Fisher was appointed as Commercial Manager, well-known in the industry and with years of invaluable experience. So, with a strengthened team in position, along with additional marketing support, SOMMER UK are looking forward to an exciting future! It is twenty years since SOMMER entered the UK market, partnering Henderson Doors with their innovative Marathon and Sprint Operators. Many of these durable units are still functional today and are, quite rightly well regarded in the industry, as are the ‘new generation’ base+ and pro+ ranges. These are very much fully evolved products and the quality SOMMER DNA is obvious. SOMMER’s unique travelling operator, giving ‘power where it is needed most’, the LIFTer to assist one-man installations of tension spring sectional doors and the Pearl Vibe handset range, are just a few highlights of their innovative approach to technology. SOMMER recognise the benefits in performance, power-efficiency, ease of installation and user experience. DOCO International became part of the SOMMER Group in 2013, having an extensive range of door-gear sets, including the HOME systems, and a comprehensive range of parts for both industrial and domestic doors. DOCO brought experience and expertise in the door-gear market to the group, to fit neatly into their portfolio. For domestic entrance doors you need look no further than Groke. The high-spec aluminium range of doors and side elements combine superb looks with high-security and exceptional U D values. Groke doors are tested to DIN EN 1627:2011-09 to ensure quality and hold RC2 level certification. With all of the exciting products available in the SOMMER range, who wouldn’t have ‘the buzz’? So, what about the ‘buzz’? Not only does it come from the buzz/vibration, that you get from the SOMMER Pearl Vibe handset for confirming successful operation, it’s also the buzz that is coming from SOMMER UK. There is so much more to SOMMER, to find out more and ‘get the buzz’ with the SOMMER team contact us on: T: 01904 608787 E: W:

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