Door Industry Journal - Winter 2019

THE door industry journal winter 2019 Domestic Garage Doors Also online at: LiftMaster Garage Door Drives: Made for Professionals by Professionals Automatic garage door drives by LiftMaster stand for smart technology, sophisticated electronics that deliver power with smooth operation, the high levels of safety and low power consumption. For decades they have been impressing specialists and end users. Another unique feature is the support package that installers can request, which provides personal advice and assistance. LiftMaster is the world market leader for residential garage door drives and one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and driveway gate operators for private and industrial use. For more than a generation, the range of electric garage door drives has been impressing experts and end users. Since its introduction six years ago, the Evolution series has made a lasting impression with its ease of installation and user-friendliness, and the EVF Facelift in 2018 was received with great enthusiasm. This way LiftMaster offers garage door drives for any challenging opportunity. The decisive factor for a high-quality garage door drive is the garage door’s weight to width ratio. Only if the drive optimally fits the door can it properly perform its task. Since these values vary from garage to garage, the Evolution range includes five types of drives (LM55EVF, LM60EVF, LM80EVF, LM100EVF and LM130EVF). Their tractive force ranges from 600 N for a door weight of up to 90 kilograms (maximum width 3.50 m) to 1,300 N for doors weighing 200 kg (maximum width 6.00 m). In addition, the opening speed must also be considered. Depending on the model, the LiftMaster excels here with speeds of 100 to 200mm per second. A smooth and quiet belt drive, low power consumption and the highest safety standards complete the overall operational performance of the LiftMaster garage door drives. And in visual terms, feedback tells us that customers adore the black and red look. Handheld remote with leading safety standards All five available garage door drives of the Evolution series are shipped with two 4-channel Evolution Code handheld remotes each in a car key design. These feature very high safety standards that go far beyond the standards of commercially available models. In addition, the TX4UNIF, a universal handheld remote of the Evolution series with rolling and trillion codes at 433MHz frequency, will be available as a high-quality accessory in the same design with the capability to retrospectively communicate with Liftmaster models from 1997. Smart connection thanks to myQ technology In addition to the traditional remote access, the LM60EVF, LM80EVF, LM100EVF and LM130EVF garage door drives can also be controlled via myQ technology. The free myQ app allows you to keep an eye on the garage at all times and informs you whether the door is open or closed. You can also adjust the settings to receive a notification whenever the door is moved. As the app combines both the monitoring and 44

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