Door Industry Journal - Winter 2019

Also online at: Industrial Doors & Shutters 70 THE door industry journal winter 2019 Sectional Ultra-Thermo Doors for Ultimate Insulation Value Following the trend for energy efficiency leads to a challenging ‘Aviation Training Academy’ project for Ryterna. The last few years have certainly been marked by an approach to ‘energy efficiency’. Global warming, energy- saving, sustainability - are some of the terms you can hear bandied around. Consequently, garage and industrial door manufacturers are striving to follow these trends. Engineers are experimenting with different materials, improving perimeter and panel sealing, but the good old attitude of ‘the thicker - the better’ seems to be most effective. As a consequence sectional door panels ‘grew up’ initially starting with single skin panels, quickly followed by 25, 40, 42, 60, 67 millimetres thick ‘sandwich’ type insulated panels. Recently Ryterna developed 80 mm thick insulated panels for their industrial sectional doors. Robust ‘sandwich’ type 80 mm thick panels have perfect insulation with a U-value = 0.28 W/m 2 K. ‘Ultra Thermo’ is Ryterna‘s name for their doors made of 80mm thick panels. Industrial doors with stunning 0.5 W/m 2 K overall U-value are energy-saving champions. Initially, Ultra Thermo Industrial doors were designed solely for heated or refrigerated premises. Now with a range of widths up to 8 metres and heights up to 6 metres they can match most demanding specifications. Even more, the availability of all types of track systems, including custom made tracks, make doors space savers as well.

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