Door Industry Journal - Winter 2020

119 THE door industry journal winter 2020 Also online at: Locks & Building Hardware The Handle of Excellence – A History of Hoppe HOPPE prides itself on being a brand that communicates quality with just one touch. Ged Ryan, CEO of HOPPE (UK), looks back at the company’s journey to becoming the trusted brand the UK door and window industry knows today. HOPPE (UK) has been established in the UK for over 30 years but benefits from almost 70 years’ experience in the architectural ironmongery sector gained in many other countries across the world. The HOPPE Group was founded in Germany by Friedrich Hoppe in 1952. HOPPE (UK) was primarily set up to distribute HOPPE handles but when Charter Hardware was acquired in 1997, the HOPPE (UK) offering was extended to include associated door hardware. That’s when the ARRONE brand was born. HOPPE (UK) today Our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers are based on mutual trust. By creating a working environment where people feel valued, we’re building a team that genuinely wants to do well for the company and its customers. This year, two staff have achieved their 25 years’ service award. The loyalty of the HOPPE (UK) team is at the heart of our first class customer service. We sit down with our customers throughout the year to review how our partnership is working and make sure that every order is receiving the highest level of care and attention. Based on the feedback we get, we’re achieving that. Products and innovation Our aim is to add value to the supply chain by ensuring we provide a package of useful products at an appropriate range of price points, complete with the right technical attributes and testing. HOPPE has launched the eHandle HandsFree, eHandle AutoLock for windows, and eHandle ConnectHome to offer a more secure, practical solution for external doors and windows. It builds on HOPPE’s existing range of mechatronic hardware for smart homes and smart buildings, including the FingerScan, HandsFree and SecuSignal eHandles. All HOPPE and ARRONE products are fully tested to legal requirements, as would be expected, but relevant products are also third party certificated by Certifire, Certisecure and standards recommended by Secured by Design. This is part of HOPPE’s commitment to creating high quality products that deliver customers the best value long term. Kenrick Makes Smart Locking Available Now Kenrick has signed an exclusive deal to become the UK distributor of BeeSecure – a revolutionary app-based smart home security solution, which allows homeowners to monitor their home from anywhere with their smartphone. Reliable and easy to use, BeeSecure enables users to detect movements within their home, even if they are miles away. The system features a central hub, called the Bee-Hub, which links a series of devices inside the home to an app on the user’s phone. If a sensor on one of the devices is activated, the homeowner is alerted with a notification on their phone. Devices in the BeeSecure range include a motion sensor, an object movement sensor, a camera, a smoke detector, a doorbell, and a window and door sensor. The window and door sensor is lightweight and compact and it detects if windows or doors have been opened. It also allows homeowners to check remotely if all their windows and doors have been properly closed. Cost effective and easy to use, BeeSecure has been designed to enable homeowners to prepare their homes to be fully-smart in the future. It is also very versatile and the central hub can connect up to 16 BeeSecure devices. Additional devices can be added with the Bee-Repeater. For further information, please read the full article here, visit or contact Steve Williams at Kenrick on 0121 553 2741.

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