Door Industry Journal - Winter 2020

Also online at: Industrial Doors & Shutters 74 THE door industry journal winter 2020 Alpha Deuren: Helix Spiral Door Receives an Extensive Update The perfect two-in-one solution The Alpha Deuren ‘Helix’ spiral roller door has been a popular two-in-one solution for a wide range of industries since its launch in 2015. It combines the advantages of a high-speed door with the robustness of a sectional door. Now the Dutch manufacturer has extensively revised this top product. Thanks to the new features, Helix is now even more robust and requires less maintenance. At the same time, customers benefit from improved service. The renewed Helix spiral door has been available at the same price since the beginning of September. The previous model can be retrofitted. The Helix spiral door from Alpha Deuren, who are based in Didam, Netherlands, has combined two systems since its market launch in 2015: As a high-speed door, it can be used during the day and at peak times. With opening times of up to 1.1 metres per second, it is a real step change and thus the ideal door system for heavily frequented openings, such as in logistics centres. Thanks to the micro- profiled 40mm ISO panels, the Helix door is also a robust and highly insulating sectional door for situations where temperature maintenance is important. Helix also has, and has had since its launch, a special spiral guide rail system with very small installation dimensions. The intelligent drive system with circulating chain technology makes weight compensation with tension or torsion springs, which are also susceptible, superfluous. Thus Helix is both space-saving and low-maintenance. Due to its compact design, the Helix spiral door is particularly suitable for openings in buildings that have low headroom space. Areas of application are logistics, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, metal and electrical industry, food processing and chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In the course of updating the Helix spiral doors, newly reinforced roller holders, rollers and hinges were installed. These ensure that the current version is now even more robust and requires less maintenance than the previous model. Previously, parts had to be replaced after 20,000 cycles, but now this is only necessary after 40,000 cycles. This means lower maintenance costs. The new parts are compatible with the old version of the Helix door. Alpha Deuren has also placed great emphasis on safety in the new version of the Helix spiral door. The light barrier, which travels along the edge of the door, immediately detects obstacles and ensures that the drive unit stops immediately. This happens so quickly that there is not even slight contact with the obstacle. Sensors that can be extended like a telescope Alpha Deuren has improved the Helix spiral door. New and reinforced roller holders, rollers and hinges make the current version even more robust and require less maintenance than the previous model. The service kit is also available for quick and trouble-free repair of the running rails. The new and improved functions can easily be retrofitted to the previous model.

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