Door Industry Journal - Winter 2021

Also online at: Domestic Garage Doors 60 THE door industry journal winter 2021 AlluGuard Puts Your Preference First Which controller do you prefer for your roller garage doors? AlluGuard now offers a choice of three – Somfy Rollixo, Teleco NRG and the Sommer Vision. Why not just have one and promote that as the best? “Each control unit has its merits and, rather than dictate, we think letting our Customers decide is the best way to provide the ideal roller garage door solution. Customers definitely have preferences, so limiting choice is counterintuitive to good customer service. With the current industry-wide issues affecting supply chains, it also adds a level of flexibility to help keep product flowing smoothly.” Commented Ian Hetherington, AlluGuard’s Managing Director. The three units meet different needs: The Somfy Rollixo is part of AlluGuard’s ability to offer a complete Somfy solution – motor, control unit, bottom slat transmitter and safety edge, all from Somfy and unique in the industry. With its built in-alarm and versatile feature set, Rollixo is fully loaded straight from the box. Rollixo’s compatibility with the complete Somfy ecosystem of Smart Home hubs and accessories, Connexoon and Tahoma, opens up additional sales opportunities to the Garage Door Specialist. AlluGuard offers the wireless safety edge as standard with the wired version as a no-cost option. The Teleco NRG controller is a proven unit with the option to increase its capability with an optional wired or wireless alarm module and a range of accessories. AlluGuard offers the wireless safety edge as standard with the wired version as a no-cost option. Both the Somfy Rollixo and the Teleco systems offer the unique electronic safe edge system from Alluguard (ESE). This option removes any doubt over the door perhaps not stopping and reversing and because it doesn’t require hard stops as optical safe edge systems (OSE) systems do. The ESE rubber edge continues from the door curtain and into the guides without the gaps OSE systems leave. The Sommer Vision controller is offered in its ultra-reliable wired safety edge version with the option to add an alarm module and selected Sommer accessories. Which one do you prefer? Talk to AlluGuard about your roller garage door control preferences – call Ian Hetherington or Matthew Berry on 01709 529 723. Use the right email address for AlluGuard! AlluGuard has streamlined its email usage to simplify things for customers. • To place your orders, use . • For everything else, use . If you’re using info@ or any other email address, please send it to - - so AlluGuard can respond as quickly as possible - the whole AlluGuard Customer Service Team sees this inbox! If you have been sending to individuals in the team such as scot@ , please now use customerservice@ so that in anyone’s absence AlluGuard can still respond. For more information Contact AlluGuard on 01709 529 723

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